Stena’s operations are characterised by care. An inclusive corporate culture based on diversity is encouraged at all levels within Stena. The Stena Group has around 15,200 employees worldwide.


At Stena, there shall always be fair working conditions and equal
opportunities for everyone. Stena’s activities are permeated by an inclusive approach to conducting long-term sustainable and successful business activities.



Employees are expected to always act in accordance with Stena’s values and principles. Stena’s code of conduct and the White Book are the basis for Stena’s work.
There is zero-tolerance for any form of differential treatment and/or discrimination on the basis of gender, age, national or ethnic origin, pregnancy, illness or functional impairment, religion, sexual orientation, trade union membership or political affiliation.
Stena also has zero-tolerance concerning harassment and abuse, and does not accept any form of violence, threats or destructive behaviour at the workplace.
Likewise, employees’ right to freedom of association and collective bargaining must be respected.


Stena has increased its focus on equal opportunities at all levels of the Group. Stena operates in several industry sectors in which it has historically been difficult to establish employee groups based on gender equality. It is still a challenge to attract women to onboard services on deck, in the engine room and in port activities. All Stena companies aim for their boards of directors and management groups to be more equal. In succession planning, it is ensured that both genders are represented. The same applies to the final candidates in all recruitment for managerial positions and on the election of new members to the companies’ boards of directors. The proportion of women on Stena AB’s Board of Directors is 27 per cent. The business area that has come furthest with an equal composition of the board of directors and management group is Stena Property.


Key employee figures1

1) The number of employees including external seagoing personnel via Northern Marine is 15,671.


Stena works in a structured way with employer branding in order to attract and retain the right talents. For several activities there are risks related to access to the right expertise and being able to handle succession planning.

In the competition for the new employees of the future, sustainability will play an increasingly important role, in which a company’s purpose and goals, climate initiatives, diversity and inclusion are significant factors.


Stena wants to provide employees with the opportunity for continuous development in their work. Competence development is encouraged and every employee is expected to take personal responsibility for their own development, with the company’s support.

For example within offshore drilling, many work elements entail significant risk for both people and the environment, which makes it important that employees have the right education and training for their work. Lack of training is a significant risk that could have serious consequences.
The Stena AB Group annually invests over SEK 150 million in training and education of its employees. Close to 600 managers in the Group have attended an internally developed management programme (Stena Leadership Program, the Grow programme and the Ready 4 Anything management modules).


Stena wants to ensure that its employees have good opportunities for a sound work-life balance. Sick leave rates are relatively low in most of Stena’s business areas, and are followed up in accordance with the legislation to which the respective business units are subject, as an example measures and processes to help employees on long-term sick leave to return to work.

Stena Pulse – it starts with you

Good leadership and a good working environment are the basis for committed employees and good customer relations that increase growth and profitability.


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