Care is one of Stena’s values, and characterises all of our activities. Stena’s corporate culture must eliminate discrimination and diversity at all levels is encouraged within Stena.


Issues identified as most important for Stena:

  • The health and safety of both passengers and tenants, and in particular employees whose work may place them in exposed environments, such as onboard vessels.
  • Non-discrimination and equal terms for both employees and other business partners.
  • Employee training.






Like many other companies, Stena faces the risk of losing key competences in the competition for the best talent. This makes it important to give employees the opportunity for continuous development and the best conditions for a good work/life balance. Stena encourages competence development and each employee is expected to take personal responsibility for their own development, with the company’s support. Within Stena Line, for example, there has been a project to help employees who have worked at sea for a prolonged period of time to develop skills needed for work ashore.


Stena’s focus on the Stena Leadership Programme for managers and specialists, and Grow for young future managers, also contributes to competence development and creating the right conditions to retain employees with key competences. Sick leave rates are relatively low in most of Stena’s business units, and are followed up in accordance with the legislation to which the respective business units are subject. There are also measures and processes to help employees on long-term sick leave to return to work.


To reduce the risk that Stena’s employees experience discrimination or unfair treatment, this issue is considered in the code of conduct and the White Book, which apply to all employees. Stena’s corporate culture must be of a non-discriminatory nature.


Stena provides fair working conditions and opportunities for everyone. No employee may be discriminated against or treated differently on the basis of gender, age, national or ethnic origin, pregnancy, illness or functional impairment, religion, sexual orientation, trade union membership or political affiliation. Diversity at the workplace is encouraged at all levels within Stena, and employees’ right to freedom of association and collective bargaining is respected.


Stena has zero tolerance for harassment and abuse, and does not accept any type of violence, threats or destructive behaviour in the workplace. Employees are expected to always act correctly, in accordance with Stena’s values and principles. Employees’ private interests may not affect, or be perceived to affect, their judgement or actions in the performance of their duties as representatives of Stena. Employees who believe that they may be in a conflict of interest situation must apply for written consent from their immediate manager.


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