All activities within Stena are aimed at creating value by offering competitive services and products in national and international markets, in accordance with good business practice.


Issues identified as most important for Stena:

  • Demonstrate good business conduct in our activities by, for example, contributing to fair competition and preventing corruption
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance




Stena’s ambition is to have a positive impact on the people and societies that are affected by the company’s activities, both upstream and downstream in the value chain.


A potential risk in all operational areas is that the subcontractors’ employees do not have fair working conditions in which their human rights are safeguarded. This risk is managed in several business areas by encouraging suppliers to sign a code of conduct in which they certify that fair working conditions and safety procedures are in place and that Stena may conduct audits of their business to check that they adhere to their agreement. Stena constantly seeks to reduce this potential risk and create better control at every stage of its value chains.


Within all business areas there is also a potential risk of bribes and inappropriate gifts. Stena seeks to counter this by addressing these issues in the code of conduct, which concerns all employees. Stena also has internal controls and procurement rules intended to reduce this risk. There is also an anonymous whistleblower function that can be used by all Stena employees.


Stena supports and respects the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Forced labour and child labour is not accepted in any form, nor is the use of prisoners or illegal labour in the manufacture of goods or services, either for Stena or within the operations of the Group’s suppliers or other partners.


Stena advocates open markets and fair competition and does not engage in discussions or agreements – formal or otherwise – with competitors on price-fixing, marketsharing or any other activities that violate the rules of fair competition. Stena’s good reputation as a company characterised by honesty and integrity must not be compromised by demanding or accepting bribes or other improper benefits.


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