Interview with Captain Vedran Duho

With a decade of experience on board Stena crude oil tankers, Vedran Duho achieved his aspiration of becoming a Captain when he was appointed Master of the Stena Suede in 2013. Originating from Dubrovnik, Croatia – a city steeped in maritime history – Vedran takes pride in his role and responsibilities. Vedran credits the professionalism and skill of his colleagues, both on board and ashore, in helping him fulfil his objectives as Captain.

What do you do as Captain of a vessel?
My main daily priority and agenda is based on the safety of the Crew, the cargo and the ship itself. It is very important to create an environment of good working relationships and ensure the Crew, and other stakeholders are working in harmony. Maintaining our high standards and ensuring we are at all times abiding by Industry and Company regulations is of paramount importance. I consistently promote a strong safety culture and ensure these principles and methods are implemented during all tasks. Lastly, I would like to add that I make sure everyone respects their fellow crew members, and a positive environment is maintained on the ship.


What qualities have taken you to where you are today?
Since my early days at sea I have tried to be diligent and persistent in my job. Good communications have also played a part, especially in this environment where circumstances are changing suddenly and you have limited time to adapt. With this profession you meet and work with people of different nationalities and it is important you respect and have an understanding of their culture. This not only develops a positive environment but it also develops you as a person. I was born, raised and currently live in Dubrovnik, Croatia – a place with a history and long tradition of producing seafarers. I am a continuation of that tradition.

What do you like most about working for Northern Marine and Stena?
I really do appreciate the definitive support from onshore management. If a tough situation arises we solve it as a team with mutual understanding and agreement. Communications between all departments is very good and advice is always available. I enjoy working with professional and skilful personnel as their efforts motivate me to better myself.

What possibilities are there for professional development?
There are many opportunities for professional development. The Company invests in new projects, ships, training and give Cadets the opportunity to forge a career from junior to Captain. As there are a variety of ship types in the Northern Marine fleet there are opportunities to work on different vessel types which makes our job more challenging and interesting. Hard work is recognised and rewarded.

How do you find a balance between work and personal life?
It is very important to maintain a healthy balance between family and the career at sea. My family supports me, and because of this support I am where I am now. It is hard to leave home and travel somewhere unknown, but when you have family behind you and you have their trust and understanding, then a life at sea is very rewarding. We are thankful that the Company ensures there is internet on our ships. Although we are away from home, we are in touch with our dearest on a daily basis which makes us content.