Interview with Chief Engineer Slobodan Lekovic

Having worked his way up the command chain from Engine Cadet to Chief Engineer, Slobodan Lekovic has progressed through the ranks during his nine years with Northern Marine/Stena. He has a varied, vital role on board the ship; principally responsible for the vessel’s continuing ability to transport its crew and cargo from A to B.

What do you do as Chief Engineer?

As Chief Engineer I have a combination of two roles in one. One as Technical Manager to take care of the effective operation of the ship. The other is Ship Safety Officer, where operational safety of the crew is the focus.

A role as Chief Engineer is very interesting and varied, meaning my working days are busy and pass quickly. The safety culture and awareness is of paramount importance. In a time full of challenges for the Marine industry; budget planning, control of day by day maintenance and running costs of the ship, are also imperative.

Despite obligations that keep me by the office computer, I always like to spend time each day in the Engine Room and I never miss the morning coffee with the Engine Room team, when jobs planned for the day are discussed.

What qualities have taken you to where you are today?
Someone else can probably give a more objective answer to this question, but let me try… I think I’m responsible, do my best to be a good manager, self-motivated, with good communication skills and good technical knowledge as well.


What do you like most about working for Northern Marine and Stena?

I am lucky that I started my sea career as an employee of Northern Marine and Stena. Time shows I made the best choice. I appreciate a feeling of safety, respect on both sides, confidence and support (both private and professional). I’m sure you can’t find it in every company. And from another side, I respect that Northern Marine and Stena always promote and support innovative ideas and let everyone participate in a project which can make our job more efficient or safer. Investing in ideas and people is the best way to do business and what I like about Northern Marine and Stena.

What possibilities are there for professional development?
I think I am the best example and the proof that hard work, persistence and commitment lead to rapid advancement. The progression from the Cadet to the Chief, in a relatively short period, shows it. Northern Marine appreciates these efforts and gives a chance to everyone who shows that they deserve progression.

How do you find balance between work and personal life?

It’s not easy! My family is in Montenegro; my wife, two daughters and a baby son. I miss them very much. We are always connected, thanks to the modern technology on board the ship. However, their future is the most important thing to me. I work for them. And their support and love are priceless.