Interview with HR Manager Linda Mickelson

At Stena entrepreneurship remains in focus

For almost 80 years entrepreneurship has been core to Stena. This entrepreneurial spirit has not only resulted in well-known companies such as Stena Line or Stena Fastigheter but has also shaped a company culture where employee ideas are most welcome.

Since the start in 1939 Stena has developed into an international group with companies doing business all over the world. Today the operations are spread over several different areas: ferry operations, shipping, offshore drilling, properties, finance, environmental services and trading. But even tough Stena consists of several companies the goal has always been to maintain the “little in the big”. That is how Stena has been able to maintain focus on entrepreneurship, explains Linda Mickelson, HR Manager at Stena AB.


Taking initiative

The entrepreneurial spirit is according to Linda one of the things that attracts a lot of people to Stena. All employees are encouraged to contribute ideas and suggestions, regardless of role or company.

“Our operations differ a lot, but entrepreneurship is in focus in all companies. By combining the small and the big we can support new thinking and innovation while working closely together to identify learnings and create internal networks. Anyone attracted by the idea of continuous improvement would enjoy working at Stena. If you have an idea you are more than welcome to pursue it. We focus on freedom within your area of responsibility, which encourages our employees to contribute with creative ideas. This makes us different than other large companies where bureaucracy might hinder innovation. We want to enable innovation. It is all about improving Stena and creating profitable growth going forward”, says Linda.


Careers for both managers and specialists

A pre-requisite for innovation and entrepreneurship is continuous development of employees. Therefore it is important to enable career development for employees wanting to become managers and for employees wanting to specialize within a certain area.

“Both roles are incredible important for us within Stena. Our managers lead and motivate our employees in doing a great job and specialists contribute crucial knowledge within their area of expertise”, says Linda.

During the last years Stena has invested heavily in competence development through cross-company trainings for both leaders and employees. The cross-company trainings have also resulted in a deeper knowledge about and understanding of the different companies within the group. Stena has also increased the possibilities to job rotation within and between the companies.


A true family owned company

Stena is owned and managed by the Olsson family and is very much impacted by being a family business.

“Being a family owned company we care about our employees a lot. Each individual counts and is very valuable to us. Because of that we give a large responsibility to our employees. With an opened mind we can jointly bring Stena forward. This is the Stena spirit”, Linda concludes.