Core Values

Care, Innovation and Performance

Stena’s three core values, Care, Innovation and Performance, are the foundation of our day to day work in the Group. The focus on innovation is to a large extent the driving force in the work on energy efficiency at sea and ashore, and contributes to a reduced environmental impact. Ethical behaviour in every aspect of the Group’s operations contributes to care for employees and society. Safety and quality characterise the performance of all tasks.


Dan Sten Olsson CEO, Stena AB

Taking care of things that nobody wants anymore and making sure they will be of use to someone else is a seemingly simple idea. But that was the basic concept behind the trading company my father founded in 1939, Sten A Olsson Metallprodukter. The trade in scrap and metal developed into Stena Metall and created a starting point for Stena’s expansion into other business areas. Today our business activities are spread all over the world and cover several areas such as ferry operations, shipping, offshore drilling, property, finance as well as recycling, environmental services and trading.

A simple idea

"Small enough to care and big enough to cope"

“Continuously caring about our customers”

After shipping operations were started in 1948, transportation of passengers and goods became a substantial part of the business. In 1972, the company was split into one recycling company and one shipping company.

The business activities have expanded further and the Stena Sphere is currently one of the largest family-owned groups of companies in Sweden. Our success over the years has been achieved by continuously caring about our customers, by providing innovative solutions and by perfect performance.

We deliver quality by always keeping the promises we make, and our goal is always to be the best at what we do. When we contribute to our customers’ success as well as to the development of society, we deserve to be our customers’ first choice. To run a profitable organisation enables us to continue our operation and invest in our own future as well as in the future of our customers and society. This is sustainable business, provided it is done by leaving a small footprint. Luckily, shipping and recycling are both environmentally friendly. Hopefully, our approach is visible in everything we do, and benefits not just ourselves,but also future generations.

So – Take Care!




Principles, Convictions and Basic values for Stena AB Group

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Principer, Trossatser och Grundvärden för Stena AB

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Code of Conduct for Stena AB Group

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Code of Conduct, Uppförandekod för Stena AB

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