Stena Teknik

Stena Teknik


Digital stability testing and remotely monitored trial voyages. When travel restrictions suspended physical inspection of ship constructions in 2020, Stena Teknik used digital tools, its wide experience and know-how to verify the E-Flexer vessel’s displacement and centre of gravity, and also their speed/power ratio.

Stena Teknik is a technical resource for Stena’s marine-related business areas, committed to increasing their competitiveness and developing techniques to operate the Group’s vessels on a safe, environmentally friendly and effective basis. Stena Teknik plays an important role in achieving the vision of climate-neutral transport. The area is working intensively to optimise the design of existing vessels and new constructions in order to minimise fuel consumption and increase load capacity. There is great potential to optimise vessel construction by reducing the amount of steel used and thereby the total weight.



One ongoing project is the development of battery-operated Stena Elektra, the world’s most advanced RoPax vessel. Stena Elektra is estimated to be put into operation in 2030, with battery operation capacity for 50 nautical miles, which is the route between Göteborg and Fredrikshamn. Lightweight construction materials will be used, with elimination of anything that is not necessary for the vessel’s operation in order to reduce the weight as much as possible. The vessel will also have a more flexible structure, which can be adjusted quickly, depending on the distribution of demand between freight and passengers.
“During the year, we’ve examined potential collaborations with both industry and academia to find solutions that make the vessel as lightweight and efficient as possible. This project is important for Sweden in terms of gaining know-how about battery operation. We’ve also been in dialogue with energy suppliers, who have promised solutions to the challenge of charging the extensive battery capacity required,” says Technical Director Harry Robertsson. So far, battery operation has been tested on Stena Line’s vessel, Stena Jutlandica. Installation of batteries is now being assessed for both new orders and existing vessels and offshore units in Stena’s fleet.


The travel restrictions due to the pandemic meant that Stena Teknik had to suspend its planned physical inspections of Stena RoRo’s new E-Flexer vessel as a RoPax model, which is being built in China and which will be the most energy efficient of its type. Stena Teknik has contributed to developing these vessels, which are built to run on different types of fuel and are also equipped for cleaning equipment such as scrubbers and catalytic cleaning.
“Thanks to sound preparatory work, we succeeded with our inspections of the vessels delivered during the year, including stability testing and remotely monitored trial voyages, using digital tools,” says Harry Robertsson. He adds that Stena Teknik will open an inspection office in China during the spring in order to monitor the construction of the product tankers for methanol transport ordered by the Proman Stena Bulk joint venture. At the end of 2020, a bunker vessel for Stena Oil was delivered.


Besides leading the development of fossil-free vessel operations, Stena Teknik is also focused on improving safety onboard, in particular fire safety. “We’re proud to have been selected to take part in a noteworthy EU project – Lash Fire – aimed at enhancing fire safety onboard,” says Harry Robertsson




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