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”A year of important steps towards the goal of creating a stable platform that gives us the scope to address future market opportunities.” This is how Stena RoRo’s Managing Director Per Westling describes 2019. The most important events during the year included the order of a ninth vessel from China; the acquisition of a conversion project in Japan, and the sale of a vessel to a company in New Zealand. 


Stena RoRo charters out RoRo and RoPax vessels. The RoRo vessels carry wheeled cargo, primarily lorries, and create bridges at sea with short routes all over the world. On the RoPax vessels, load capacity is combined with all of the facilities offered by modern vessels to their passengers. Currently, several vessels are leased out to operators around the world; both to other Stena companies and to external partners.




Thanks to extensive technical expertise and good market knowledge, Stena RoRo has led the development in terms of creating modern vessels. Activities include procuring new vessels, and using technical specialist knowledge to design and transform existing vessels, in order to provide tailored transport solutions for customers – with which Stena RoRo succeeded thanks to an active ”Stenability strategy”. ”We buy vessels at advantageous prices, create value through processing, and achieve gains in the right market conditions. A good example is the vessel Kaiarahi, that we sold during the year to a company in New Zealand. In 2019 we acquired another vessel in Japan, which was christened Stena Nova and is now to be converted,” says Per Westling. ”In the European market, demand exceeds supply of this type of vessel, which is the reason that we have turned to the Asian market, and primarily Japan,” he says. 


Thanks to the successful sale of the Kaiarahi, as well as other profitable activities, in 2019 Stena RoRo achieved a very strong result. ”Never before have we had such a stable platform for the company, based on how we successfully hired out our new vessels on long-term contracts to stable customers. This gives us the scope to act quickly and address market opportunities when they arise,” says Per Westling.


In 2019, Stena RoRo continued the work of adding new vessels to the fleet. The existing order for eight new RoPax vessels from the CMI Jinling Weihai yard in China was increased with a further order for a Stena E-Flexer. This vessel will run on LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) and is chartered out on a long-term contract to the French shipping company, Brittany Ferries. Delivery is estimated to take place in Q1 2023. The construction of the other vessels is proceeding according to plan. The first one was delivered in November 2019, and a further four are under construction. Five of the vessels in total will be chartered to Stena Line, three to Brittany Ferries and one to DFDS, all on long-term contracts.


”These RoPax vessels are 50 per cent larger than the existing vessels. They will also pioneer development within sustainability and set new standards for emissions, cost and energy efficiency, and also performance. We are very satisfied with the cooperation with the CMI Jinling Weihai yard. We have set specific requirements when it comes to flexibility and opportunities for adaptation of vessels, and the yard was able to deliver this at a high quality level,” says Per Westling.



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