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Stena Property


”Our aim is to create safe and flourishing city districts. We play an active role in promoting the local development of the neighbourhoods that we own and manage,” says Cecilia Fasth, Managing Director of Stena Property, which in 2019 commenced some of its largest ever district development projects. 


Stena Property is one of Sweden’s largest private property companies, and owns and manages around 25,400 residential units and a large number of commercial premises in the metropolitan regions of Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö. The portfolio also comprises commercial properties in the Netherlands, the UK, France and the USA, via the subsidiary Stena Realty. 


The occupancy rate for the commercial portfolio during 2019 was 89 per cent in Sweden and 91 per cent abroad.



Stena Property continued to expand strongly in 2019, with focus on several large new projects. These include residential units and offices being constructed on a new peninsula at Masthuggskajen in the classical Stena area in Göteborg, in the unique district being created in the company SKF’s historical area in the same city, and the new Vega district in Haninge, south of Stockholm. 


Stena Property also focuses on its own We Share concept, which is alternative co-living for young people who find it difficult to enter the housing market.


”For long-term property owners, the life between buildings is just as important as the life inside the buildings. Caring for people and the environment creates value for our neighbourhoods, and for the cities where we are located. This is our unique position as we continue to grow through a combination of new production and selective acquisitions,” says Cecilia Fasth.


Relationship management, good cooperation and networks create safe neighbourhoods. ”From a tough starting point, we managed to increase residents’ sense of security. It’s really good to see that our long-term focus on social measures, in combination with extensive renovation, is yielding results. A key factor is that our tenants can take pride in their neighbourhood”.


During the year it became clear that Stena Property would acquire Fisksätraskolan (a school) from Nacka Municipality. ”The acquisition was decisive for our engagement whereby, during the next ten years, we will renovate the existing residential stock, and also build new residential units”.


In 2019, new sustainability goals were set, including halving our climate footprint by 2030. Large investments have been made in digital infrastructure and all properties are now connected to a shared network, providing for effective management. The majority of the fossil-fuelled service vehicles have been replaced with electrical vehicles. In Malmö, the energy company E.ON and Stena Property embarked on long-term cooperation concerning digital district heating, which entails the company’s transition to completely renewable district heating. During the year, Stena Property launched We Care, which is a way of systematically practising, communicating and developing sustainability work.


”Stena Property has taken a strong position as a city developer. We are leaders within social sustainability and develop our areas into sustainable and interconnected neighbourhoods. Wherever we are present, we create both security and flourishing communities, and also local jobs, new ways of living and new meeting places,” says Cecilia Fasth.



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