Northern Marine Group

Northern Marine Group


Northern Marine Group’s restructuring activities in 2019 contributed to positive development in its results. ”We noted a stronger market. If the ongoing balancing of the supply of tonnage against demand continues, we hope that this will lead to new market opportunities for us,” says Philip Fullerton, Managing Director of Northern Marine Group.


Northern Marine Group (NMG), headquartered in Glasgow provides ship management and marine services to both the Stena Group and external clients in the marine and offshore industries. Working in tandem with experienced onshore ship management personnel; NMG’s sizable, multinational pool of seafarers are deployed across a diverse fleet of managed vessels. The Group’s onshore infrastructure is significant with global service provision delivered from a strategically located network of offices, training centres and marine supply warehouses.


For NMG, much of 2019 was dominated by the seizure of the managed vessel Stena Impero.

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Achievements in 2019 included a continuing strong safety and environmental performance across the managed fleet of vessels as well as significant new client acquisitions by the Group’s Marine Supply division. ”We have begun to see the desired effect of internal restructuring within our marine supply division at the same time as implementing necessary restructuring in our ship management operations,” says Philip Fullerton.


”Changes such as these are implemented to best meet future business opportunities and ensure optimisation of our service offering. If the positive trends we see in the market continue, it is our hope that this will bring us new business opportunities across our Group services,” added Philip Fullerton.


Energy efficiency remained a key objective within ship management operations with several engineering solutions benefiting ship owner clients. 

”One such activity included the installation of propeller boss cap fins on identified vessels. This is a significant investment for the owners, that ultimately leads to fuel savings of around three per cent,” says Philip Fullerton. 


NMG cooperates with the UK Ship Register (part of the Maritime & Coastguard Agency) regarding the IMO 2050 requirements for a reduced carbon footprint from the maritime industry.  ”We’re currently investigating a number of different alternative fuel sources, such as ammonia, methanol, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), batteries and hydrogen,” says Philip Fullerton.


The digital transformation taking place in NMG is continuing at a rapid pace. A comprehensive digital strategy is aimed at improving work routines, business operations and systems – ultimately benefiting clients. Among other things, NMG has implemented new software, increased internal technical expertise and worked to replace less efficient and outdated systems and processes. 


New energy management and reporting systems are also expected to be in place shortly.  These will provide more detailed information about the vessel to owners and business managers, as well as automated reports to other external stakeholders. 


”These exciting projects will better equip our onshore and offshore personnel to deliver quality services to our clients and ultimately achieve further growth in 2020 for the Group,” says Philip Fullerton.



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