Each business within the Stena AB Group is based on a clear ownership philosophy. The businesses must adhere to Stena's principles, convictions and basic values by translating them into their own operative terms.

Stena Line

One of the world's largest ferry companies, with a focus on freight and passenger traffic. Stena Line operates 18 routes in Europe, with 37 ferries, and also owns five ports.

Stena Drilling

One of the world's leading operators within design, construction and operation of drilling units for the offshore industry. Owns and operates four drillships and two semi-submersible rigs.


Stena Bulk

One of the world's leading tanker operators, with activities all over the world. Stena Bulk controls 80 vessels for transport of crude oil, refined oil products, vegetable oils, and gas.

Stena roro

Charters out RoRo and RoPax vessels, offering technical expertise and project management to customers all over the world, as well as controlling a fleet of 11 vessels.

Northern marine group

Providing quality ship management and marine services with its multinational pool of 4,500 seafarers and global network of onshore offices.

Stena teknik

A technical resource for Stena’s marine-related businesses, to develop techniques to handle the Group's vessels on a safe, environmentally friendly and effective basis.

Stena Property

One of Sweden's largest privately owned property companies. The portfolio primarily comprises rental apartments in Sweden, but also commercial properties.

Stena adactum

Long-term investment in listed and unlisted companies, with the aim of building strong, value-creating companies that can provide platforms for new business areas within the Stena AB Group.

Stena Finance

Primarily engaged in managing the Stena AB Group's financing, liquidity planning and financial investments.