Stena Fastigheter

Stena Fastigheter is one of the largest privately owned real estate companies in Sweden. Stena Fastigheter own and manage a total of approximately 2.1 million square feet spread over approximately 24,000 homes and 2,700 facilities in Gothenburg, Malmö, Stockholm, Lund, Lomma and Uppsala. With leasehold tenure, Stena Fastigheter develops sustainable attractive living environments and workplaces, including through their own concept Relationship Management ®. The goal is to always be the tenant's first choice.

Relationship Management ® is Stena Fastigheter´s own concept for the development of sustainable living environments and workplaces where people thrive and stay long. Relationship Management ® specifically means that we work with a large number of social projects and activities to create a safe, stable and comfortable living environments. The ideas often come from the tenants themselves and the foundation is us working closely with them and other local players.

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