CEO Comments



Stena’s operations are only sustainable if we all, through care and efficient performance, contribute to our customers’ and society’s success every day.

The Stena AB Group contributes to society in various ways. Activities in shipping and ferry lines contribute to increased trade and global prosperity. Our offshore operations explore new streams of energy under the oceans and we are also a major producer of renewable electricity in Sweden. Our property side provide many people with convenient and sustainable accommodation in the Group’s properties.

For this to be possible our businesses must be profitable. This in turn is dependent on both internal conditions, such as competent employees, and external conditions, such as loyal customers that support our operations. Technology and innovation have always been high on the agenda at Stena and large amounts are invested annually to increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

New ways of doing business

Continuously evolving communication technologies are radically changing the way we produce, transport, trade and consume. It is evident that technology creates new products and companies as well as new ways of doing business. It gives us the chance to sell more cost effectively and to remain in constant contact with our clients and business partners. Many interesting combinations based on old businesses are developing. The common denominators though are more efficiency, more transparency and contact 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our mantra is education, education, education

Knowledge develops fast at the moment and is in principle open for everyone, who is searching for it. The mantra for each of us is education, education, education. Every year, Stena employees must consider how to improve in order to keep abreast in their work. Everyone undertakes exercises in care and results. We call it we-learning and one objective is to help each other to improve our professional ability to perform.

Our foremost strategy is to be well prepared and equipped for opportunities, if and when they do arise. A company that is not developing its activities will eventually have to close them.

Care is about delivering the promises we give

Care, innovation and performance are the lead-words for our organisation. Care is about delivering on the promises we give every day and thereby contributing to the success of our business, customers, employees, partners and the rest of society. Innovation is a way to constantly improve and is measured in terms of number of proposals to improve from our employees across our organisation - and the proportion being implemented. Receipts of good performance are given by technical availability, safety, customers´ accolades, repeat business and profit.

Stena maintains long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers because they know we are committed in providing high quality and top performance in what we deliver.

So - take Care!

Dan Sten Olsson
CEO, Stena AB